Ultimate Magic Strategy
for Purchasing OneAcademy
Educational Packages

from OneLife and the
Most Important Package of All—
the Starter Package that costs only €140 or $170.

What you don’t know, you don’t know—and what you DON’T KNOW CAN HURT YOU! I am about to share some information with you, that when I joined OneCoin/OneLife, I didn’t know and neither did my upline.

I am not trying to place any blame, just point out, that if you don’t know what is the best strategy, then you really don’t know the best strategy—even though you may think you do.

Strategy - Korean

When I joined OneLife, I was advised by my sponsor and his upline that I should consider buying the largest package I could afford, because the number of tokens received goes up dramatically with the Tycoon package and larger purchases plus they get two ore more splits instead of just one split for all the lower priced packages. I decided I could afford to purchase the Tycoon Trader Educational Package for approximately $6,500, which included the one-time activation fee of €30 or $35 and two splits. So that is what I did.

This is what I got. I got 60,000 free promotional tokens, that after getting my two splits, I put them into mining, for the eventual conversion into OneCoins. Upon the first split, I had 120,000 tokens and with the second split my tokens doubled to 240,000 tokens. I promptly put them into mining. The mining difficulty factor at the time was 65, so when I finally got my OneCoins some time later, I received 3,692 OneCoins (240,000/65 = 3,692).

At the time I received them, the current price of OneCoins was approximately €6.50 or $7.80. Multiplying 3,692 OneCoins by $7.80 equaled $28,800—I was ecstatic and elated—how could my educational purchase of $6,500 suddenly yield $28,800 in OneCoins.

But, what my upline, my sponsor and I didn’t know in the beginning, cost me—BIG TIME! What if they had simply suggested that I also purchase at the same time a Starter Package that would have cost only $135 more? I would have received 1,000 more tokens and one more split.

This is why I didn’t. Refer to chart below and look at the effective cost per coin for the Starter and Tycoon packages. My effective cost per OneCoin with a Tycoon package was $3.79, that’s the wholesale price for OneCoins already valued at $7.80, what a fantastic deal.

The effective cost for OneCoins with a Starter package was $5.86 each, still less than the retail price, but based on very faulty analysis and decision making, the decision to not do it was a no brainer. We never did the following additional analysis. Therefore we were ignorant of the true facts that I am sharing with you now.

When I first joined, had I decided to purchase a Starter for $170 (including the $35 activation) and the Tycoon Trader (without activation) for $6,465 instead of $6,635, that's only $135 more...

Let Me Show You the Magic in the Strategy
of the Educational Packages Purchasing Process.


  1. A bigger, more advanced educational package from OneAcademy.
  2. 1,000 more tokens. Instead of only 60,000 tokens, I would have had a total of 61,000, so nothing too exciting so far.
  3. One more split. Instead of just two splits, I would now have a total of three splits, nothing exiting here either, right? WRONG, VERY BIG WRONG

Let’s do the math:

With the first split, 61,000 tokens become 122,000 tokens. After the second split, it is now 244,000. And for spending just an extra $135 for the Starter Package and one more Split, my 244,000 tokens would have doubled again to 488,000 tokens. Putting those into mining with the same difficulty factor of 65, I would have received more than TWICE as many OneCoins—(488,000/65=) 7,508 and at $7.80 each, I would have had $58,560 worth of OneCoins.

Not purchasing a $170 Starter Package cost me the difference ($58,560-$28,800=) $29,760, and that assumes that the price of OneCoins never rises above $7.80/coin. I forever lost out on getting (7,508-3,692=) 3,816 OneCoins and any future value and price they may have in the future.

It gets even better or worse depending on your point of view. Had I been told that the best buy of all was the Starter + Trader + Pro Trader + Tycoon Trader combination package for a total of $8,600, because it came with FIVE SPLITS, and seen the math, I would have easily made the decision to purchase that combo.

Guiding Your Decisions and Those of the People You Sponsor

Study the chart below carefully and notice that the most cost effective purchases are those where you purchase combination packages, especially including the Starter and Trader and Pro Trader packages which all bring the Cost/Coin wholesale price way down.

Without any question, the Starter Package* is the single most important package you can buy and the Trader is the second most important, because no matter whatever else you buy, the extra one or two splits, literally double or triples all your tokens and OneCoins.


OneCoin/OneLife has made an extremely generous offer to the weShare downline organization to help jumpstart them by providing these Special* Starter Packages to all members who made a $10 or more donation in the weShare program.

OneLife’s philosophy in doing this is to give all our members maximum incentive to start over with their existing weShare downline intact and make back not only what they may have lost, but to give all a fantastic hit-the-ground running head start by potentially earning far more than they were with the old weShare program. OneLife has agreed to meet us “halfway,” meaning they contribute some value and we contribute some value and together, we make something great.

OneLife is NOT a government agency giving out free money and welfare to the masses, and they are NOT here to reimburse us for what we may have spent or lost as a result of your involvement with weShare. OneLife is here to give us an incredible opportunity to recoup what we may have lost, while making it much better for us and our downline organization.

They are starting by giving us FREE of any cost whatsoever, a $170 value Special* Starter Package. To give us maximum incentive to do our part and meet them halfway, they have removed the 1,000 tokens. Since the price of these packages doesn’t have to be repaid to the company, they are not paying commissions on sales or BV volume for these packages.

THEY ARE, HOWEVER, ALLOWING THE ONE SPLIT TO REMAIN—THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, after the Educational part of course. They are also including the $35 activation fee with every free Starter Package. To put that into perspective, OneCoin/OneLife is laying on the table with this deal, one $35 activation fee for all 68,000 Starter Packages, that’s $2,380,000 ($35x68,000=$2,380,000) just so you and I can better have that running start we talked about.

So from now on, for any additional package we buy, the activation has already been paid (waived). Speaking of additional package upgrades, that’s all part of the Magic Strategy I talked about earlier. We already have a Free Starter Package with one split coming, but now we need some more tokens.

How Do You Apply the Magic Strategy?

You and all of your weShare personally sponsored members should immediately activate your new OneLife position, if you haven’t already. If you qualify, within 2 days, OneLife will assign to you your Free Starter Package within 2 business days. As soon as it has been awarded to you, you should upgrade and purchase at least a Trader Package for €550 ($650) without the activation fee.

What will you get?

  1. Trader Educational Package
  2. 5,000 promotional tokens
  3. One Split

Now, let’s do the math:

With one split, your 5,000 tokens are doubled to 10,000 tokens. Normally you would put them immediately into mining. With the current 70% difficulty factor, you would eventually receive 143 OneCoins. At $7.80 x 143, you would have $1,114 worth of OneCoins. That is a bonus for the $650 educational package you purchased.

But wait, you also have a Starter Package with NO tokens, but you do have One Split coming. By simply waiting for the next split before mining, you would have 20,000 tokens to mine, which would result in you getting 286 OneCoins, and they would be worth $2,228. Your free package and free split just paid you an additional $1,114.

And we haven’t even talked about all the commissions you and your downline will be earning at 10% Sales Bonus and another 10% BV Bonus…read the comp plan for all the detail.

Now, you should be beginning to see why

  • OneLife is the fastest growing network marketing company ever on this planet
  • 6 of the top income earners in the world among all network marketing companies are OneLife leaders
  • why over 8,000 members have already maxed out the comp plan of €140,000 ($160,000) per month/position
  • why more than 2,800 new millionaires have been created in just 21 months with OneLife

We welcome you aboard!

OneCoin Educational Package Information

Academy Level
Cost Euros
Cost $US
Tokens (Asset)
Estimated coins
Cost Per coin
Est. Value @$8
per OneCoin
1 – Starter**
2 - Trader
3 - ProTrader
3 - Mini Triple
Str, Tdr, Pro
4 - Executive
5 - Starter +
5 – Starter +
Trader +
5 – Starter +
Trader +
ProTrader +
5 – Starter +
Tycoon Plus
6 - Tycoon +
Prem. Combo
7 - Tyc + Prm
+ Infinity
Triple Combo
$3.73 Mil